Halloween Pop-Up at 9 Mile Garden

9375 Gravois

9PM-midnight October 29, 2021

Drop in for food, beer pairings, and a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show!


About Josh

Irrational Roots is operated by Josh Essman, a native St. Louisan who discovered his passion for cooking around the age of five (pictured). After several years in commercial kitchens, Josh pursued a career in computer science while continuing to hone his craft. After realizing that cooking could never be "just a hobby" and stints at plant-based upscale dining establishments in Chicago and San Francisco, Irrational Roots is Josh's return to the fray.


Josh sees food as a means of exploring cultures from around the world. Like languages, the evolution of a cuisine is shaped by the history of the culture that created it and the challenges its people faced - and not just the ingredients that are locally available. While these upscale takes on loaded fries aren't intended to be authentic, the universal appeal and approachability of crispy potatoes provide an opportunity to introduce new flavor profiles and cooking techniques from across the globe.

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